root canal RetreatmentIf there is damage to your root, contamination or if an old root canal is not properly cleaned and sealed, you may need a retreatment.

Occasionally (but not often), a previous root canal may not completely heal your diseased tooth, in which case you may need to come in for another procedure to save that tooth. It may be an infection due to a crack, where bacteria has caused additional contamination. Tooth decay or saliva leakage may also be reason for infection. In these cases, a retreatment may be necessary.

A root canal treatment must be thoroughly cleaned and sealed as close to the tip of the root as possible, and if a past root canal was not done properly, was unsuccessful, or if a crack has developed, this also may be cause for a retreatment.

Retreatments may take a bit longer, and are usually more complicated and time consuming than a standard root canal.

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