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Hudson Endodontics provides endodontic services in Hudson, NH. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 603-882-5455.

All endodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are endodontists! Like your general dentist, an endodontist attends dental school after college, but endodontists then go on to receive an additional two to three years of education and training that focuses on root canal therapy and treating the pulp inside a tooth. Endodontists are considered specialists in saving natural teeth and treating dental pain.

At Hudson Endodontics, we offer the following services:

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment involves removing the pulp inside a tooth and replacing it with a rubber-like filling. The most common reasons you might need a root canal are when deep decay reaches the pulp of a tooth or when a dental injury causes the pulp to become inflamed. Modern root canal therapy is comfortable and efficient, allowing you to preserve your natural tooth and prevent the need for a prosthetic replacement.

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GentleWave® Root Canal Technology

We are certified in the use of the innovative GentleWave System, which offers a more modern approach to traditional root canal treatment. This technology helps us effectively clean the entire root canal system of a tooth, no matter how complex.

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Sedation Options at Hudson Endodontics

Although root canals are pain-free, we understand that many patients have anxiety about the procedure. We offer a range of dental sedation options, from mild nitrous oxide to IV sedation, to ensure your comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Endodontics

Hudson Endodontics provides endodontic services in Hudson, NH. Call 603-882-5455 for urgent dental treatment.